Capabilities Statement

Who We Are

Over the past 10 years we have specialized in software consulting, especially for startups. We had a humble beginning in 2011, with Vijai, our founder working on a brand new idea with Lawrence, CEO of DoubleDutch to build mobile apps platform for events. DoubleDutch was later acquired by Cvent. Over the past 10 years, we have worked with several startups like Twine, TryInteract, SocialChorus, DoubleDutch, AgriBot, RateItAll etc and helped with the engineering challenges throughout the course of their journey.

Core Competencies

  • API development (REST), Web Services & API Integrations.
  • Microservices.
  • Scheduled & Backend Jobs.
  • Mobile App Development (iOS or Android).
  • Web Frontend with Responsive Designs.
  • Database design & development.
  • Data warehouse & Big Data analytics.
  • Full-service cloud hosting in AWS with automated deployment, scaling etc.
  • Business Intelligence with reporting.
  • Blackbox and Automated QA (End to End).


  • NodeJS (API, Microservices & Scheduled & Backend Jobs).
  • Swift (iOS apps) & Java (Android apps).
  • ReactJS, jQuery, Bootstrap etc (Web Frontend).
  • Postgres & AWS Aurora (Database design & development).
  • AWS Redshift, AWS Firehose, AWS Lambda (Data warehouse & Big data analytics).
  • Metabase (Business Intelligence with reporting).

Our Clients Calls Us When They Want To

  • Have a product idea turned into reality (architected and built).
  • Add new features & enhancements.
  • Pivot an existing product.
  • Rearchitect for scalability and performance.
  • Build a new analytics stack to measure usage and report metrics.


Matthew Clark - CTO @ tryinteract

Lawrence Coburn - CEO @ twine